Social responsibility

We need to look at the world we live in from an overall perspective. Energy issues are an opportunity, not a problem – being able to produce energy using renewable resources means that even those less fortunate countries are still able to gain a possible supply of energy.

Thinking globally has become a matter of course for us. The poorer parts of the world are doubly affected: on the one hand, they cannot afford the same level of development that is taking place in industrialised countries and, on the other, they are more severely affected by climate change. Many of the poor countries of the world lie close to the equator, where we are now seeing the effects of climate change – higher temperatures, fewer cultivable areas, etc.

Since autumn 2010, Triventus has supported a children’s home in southern India. Our connection with India is that, among other things, it is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of wind turbines. India is a country of many opportunities and is at the forefront of technology and knowledge. By being involved in a very small part of India’s development, we have a chance to make a difference.

We want to use our funds to enable the children at the children’s home to get enough to eat, drink clean water and get proper clothing. We also want to ensure that both girls and boys are given basic schooling and health care, etc. However, we also want it to be part of our assignment to provide information about renewable energy. We hope to be able to direct some of our money into education and training about renewable energy. We want to help create many ambassadors for the way we think about renewable energy. In the future, these children will take everything they learn with them to their families and the workplaces where they are employed. If we have also helped some of them to go on to higher education in this field, we would consider it a really good investment in the environment.


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